Update – 10 January 2022

Welcome back to 2022 again (or for the first time for the new teams)

Match times are on the TEAM MATCH TIMES tab for your night of play.

If you can’t make your match please text or call the Sandstorm Hotline as usual – 0420 643 911

Please note that we have scheduled far more teams in each timeslot than 8 courts can hold. In the first week back from our break there were over 15% cancellations or no-shows. We understand that there will be forced withdrawals at the last minute. Please text as soon as you know things have changed.

If/when things calm down and there are too many teams for each timeslot, we will be reinstating the early and late slots on MON and TUES and will text teams individually with these changes.

COVID UPDATE: at present the regulations permit unvaccinated players to play but our license requirements mean unvaccinated cannot purchase alcohol. Please be patient with the staff while we check vax status.